City Manager

  Gary Beverly 
   City Manager
     Finance Director
    Economic Development Director

         Phone:  (979) 265-2541
     Fax:        (979) 265-4551
       Cell:       (979) 236-7706


Clute is chartered as a home rule city and operates under the Council-Manager form of government.  The City Council appoints a professional manager to administer City operations and serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the City.  The City Council remains responsible for City legislation and policy making.  In general, the job of the City Manager is to see that all laws and ordinances and all policy directives of the City Council are carried out, and the goverment complys with annual appropriations within the budget.  Gary Beverly is responsible for all City operations, with the exception of the Clute Police Department and is the administrative head of the City.  He is responsible for the annual budget and makes other recommendations to the City Council and advises the Council of the City’s current conditions and future needs.  He is responsible for all financial management of the City, and economic development activity.  Gary is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA - Engineering Route to Business ("HOOK-EM!") and has worked in the positions mentioned above for seven (7) years and in similar positions in other cities.  His mission is to provide excellent municipal services that enhances the quality of life for our diverse community, and raise the bar of what is expected from Clute city government by setting the standard for our citizens.  He is responsible for providing overall operational and financial management to the City, which includes goal setting for all departments, budgeting, and communication to elected officals as well as the public. He is responsible to set overall operational and financial goals for the City, with direction from City Council, and establishing priorities.  "Our overall objective is to perform these tasks efficiently, accurately, and thoroughly, supporting all areas of the City, while being stewards of taxpayer funds. We are dedicated to providing an effective and efficient city government which is open and responsive to the needs of the community and works for the benefit of all."