Imagine Clute



We have spent a great deal of time recently reviewing, creating, and promoting a strategic planning process for our City.  It is our belief that nothing is more important for our community than to develop a plan of what we want Clute to be in the future.  This process involves everyone in our community.  Your opinion matters.  Through this process, we want to engage as many citizens as possible to believe in our community, and as a result take action to make Clute a better place to live for all of us.  We are all neighbors here, and what you do affects your neighbor.  

We believe that Clute is at a decision point which will determine our future.  That decision ultimately is “Do we want Clute to be a City with citizens that take pride in where we live and what our City looks like to our guests that visit our town, or do we want others to see our community as a City of neglect?  Do we want to raise our standards and expectations of what we want Clute to be, or are we afraid of change, preventing us from making Clute what it can be?”  It is our hope we choose change.

We that work for the City also recognize that we must be the example as your city government.  We therefore will be taking steps to take the lead by getting our house in order and recommitting our efforts to make improvement.  This includes listening more to you, communicating more to you, and well as making change in your City government to set that example.

It is important that we as your City communicate to you the minimum standards that have been put into City ordinances, and to educate citizens why codes are needed and enforced.  Of course, at any time you have questions please contact us.  Be advised there will be additional efforts to make sure that these ordinances are complied with.  It is extremely important that we at least maintain a minimum of standards.  Quality businesses will not put their investments next to a building in ruin.  Maintaining these standards has a direct effect on our ability to market our community to potential employers, which ultimately has a direct effect on your pocketbook.    

It is our belief that each and every one of us has a responsibility to our neighbors to maintain our property in a way that reflects positively on our community.  We hope you will get involved in some way to help us improve Clute.  There are many in need that could use your help.  We will be working on the strategic planning process to make improvements, but also to establish programs and events that will address the need of our community and the pride we want in our community.  Please join us in our effort by getting involved.  Be a good neighbor, and help your City and your neighbors, by your voluntary assistance to bring your property into compliance with City codes.