So Brazoria County Transit

Southern Brazoria County Transit service has five routes in Clute, Lake Jackson, Freeport and Angleton.  Residents who use the service will have convenient access within the cities and region to employment, schools, shopping, county services, medical services and recreational destinations.


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Through a partnership between the cities of Clute, Lake Jackson, Angleton, Freeport, Brazosport College, along with other regional stakeholders and Connect Transit/Gulf Coast Center, the new transit service is up and running. Local officials, stakeholders and Connect Transit have worked persistently over the last several years to successfully implement regional transit service that would meet both the needs of the individual cities and the regional as a whole.  As a result, low cost mobility will be available for persons with limited transportation options and other individuals who wish to use alternate transportation.

Seven new wheelchair accessible buses purchased by Connect Transit and equipped with bicycle racks will run the routes.  Routes are identified by the Color of the vehicle.  The Regional Route is Gold, Brazosport is Green, Clute/Lake Jackson Circulator is Blue, Angleton Circulator is Purple and the Freeport Circulator is Red.

Selected locations throughout the region including transfer centers and locations with high passenger traffic will have bus shelters, benches and information kiosks.  The three transfer locations will be at Angleton City Hall, Brazosport College and Baywood Foods in Freeport.

Fares are $ 1.00 for adults and $ 0.50 seniors, students (5 – 17) and persons with disabilities.  Children under 5 ride free.  You may be passes on the buses or pay daily as you ride.

Connect Transportation/Gulf Coast Center has successfully provided demand response service in Brazoria County since 1985.  The recent introduction of scheduled bus service in Texas City, La Marque and Dickinson by Connect Transit has exceeded both expectations and ridership projections.